National business image builder

Neon 2 began as a one-man operation in a garage in 1994. The company serviced lighting advertisements with Toyota Hiace and a power drill. With time Neon2 started manufacturing illuminating installations and since then the company has kept growing. Nowadays Neon2 employs 22 people and is owned by the brothers Jukka and Kari Väänänen.

Today, Neon 2 constructs an impressive business image for your company, that will be seen and endure time. Our company is based on personal service, high-quality products and absolute operational reliability. We design and implement versatile illuminated advertising equipment such as business location pillars, advertising towers, pylons, shop milieus, signposts, friezes, decals and large-scale printouts.

We are a trusted partner. Our clientele includes commercial and hospitality chains, big businesses, banks and service stations. Naturally, we also provide a full set of services to small and medium-sized businesses. In addition, we are among the most well-established companies in our field and our credit rating has been AAA for several years now.

Besides reliability, we are committed to preserving the environment and our operations are ecologically sustainable. The majority of our long-life illuminated advertisements are implemented with eco-friendly LED technology.


We design and build all of our illuminated advertisements with solid expertise. Our highly automated equipment enables the manufacturing of substantial orders as it is possible to drive a lorry into our production facilities. Advertising towers, illuminated advertisements and shop milieus are installed cost-efficiently within the same company as design and manufacture. We offer you a full set of our expertise. Our services cover the whole process – from the idea to project management, installation and maintenance – throughout Finland.