Illuminating your company


Our design process includes site mapping. We will take digital photographs of your site and take the dimensions for the 3D modelling of the advertising equipment. The created image material also helps with possible permit applications needed for the advertising equipment.

Our professional team designs the lighting advertising of your business location according to chain instructions both inside and out.


We make advertising equipment to last. In our illuminated advertisements, we only use materials that have been tested to stand the test of time in real-life use. In addition to zinc coated sheets with powder stove enamel, we also use stainless steel and aluminium. The acrylic and flexible PVC of the advertisement surfaces have been selected from the options that withstand the sun and cold the best.

We finish our products to the last detail. Every illuminated advertisement is equipped with a unique product plate and the production number of every piece of advertising equipment is recorded with the manufacturing information.

We ensure the safety of our electrical equipment with a commissioning inspection and every piece of equipment that we manufacture gets tested. An inspection record is kept of the inspections according to standard.

National installation network

We attach the advertising equipment as unnoticeably as possible using attachments matching the colour of the wall. The attachments we use are very sturdy. In the case of large advertising equipment, we double-check the attachment solutions with strength calculations together with the property owner. Safety both at the installation as well as at the use phase is extremely important to us.

We adapt the completion of the advertising equipment to your project’s schedule. Our starting point is that we install the ready-made advertising equipment into place precisely at the time when the installation best suits the overall project of your building. We are also happy to be part of project management as our experts have extensive experience in timing the installation of lighting advertisements.

Our installation network covers all of Finland. Our installation teams are equipped with the appropriate lift and transport equipment is found in 16 cities. The appropriate safety equipment, electrical contracting rights and other statutory matters related to occupational safety and equipment commissioning are self-explanatory to us. We never compromise on when it comes to these.


The advertising equipment that we manufacture needs very little maintenance because we only use the best materials and components in their manufacture. For example, the calculated service life of the LEDs we use in our illuminated advertisement is nearly twenty years in the sun conditions of Finland.

Therefore, servicing is most often needed only in damage and vandalism cases or when the appearance of the advertising equipment is changed. All the necessary spare parts are found in our stock room and our response time to a service call is at the very maximum two weekdays.

We are a trusted partner

Our clientele includes commercial and hospitality chains, big businesses, banks and service stations. Naturally, we also provide a full set of services to small and medium-sized businesses. In addition, we are among the most well-established companies in our field and our credit rating has been AAA for several years now.Besides reliability, we are committed to preserving the environment and our operations are ecologically sustainable. The majority of our long-life illuminated advertisements are implemented with eco-friendly LED technology.

We provide you with a full service of know-how. Our service covers everything from the idea, project management to installation and maintenance servicing all over Finland.